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Last Updated: 8/17/2014

Steph Crowell lives in San Francisco, CA, and is a private person who writes mostly fantasy. Click here to go to the author's book blog (contains adult material and is technically not safe for work).

Completed Projects:
Screwing with Wizards, Part One [Ad-Fant]
Screwing with Wizards, Part Two [Ad-Fant]

Steph Is Currently Writing:
Screwing with Wizards, Part Three [Ad-Fant] Result
Becoming Vairling (Vairling Saga, Book One) (Rewrite Required) [Sup-Thrill] Result

Sam Peterson is both a freelance editor and a professional editor (nine-to-five). You can find his personal site (which is currently down for maintenance and such) here (*grumbles about updating payment info after the Target™ hack*). He is a writer at heart and writes what about stuff he knows best whenever he has spare time (when his three-year-old daughter is being nice). He writes primarily sci-fi and how-to and is actively looking for a sci-fi coauthor.

Sam Is Currently Writing:
Guild of Exiles (Exiles Saga I) [Mil-Sci-Fi] Result
The Smart Phone Author [How-To] Result

Kaeli Lain is primarily a young adult author who enjoys trying international cuisines and spending time with her daughters and ferrets.

Sarah Is Currently Writing:
Eyeliner in Black (Click to read a sample) [YA-Mance] Result
The Modern Order of Ignius [YA Urb-Fant] Result
Alien Romance Novel (Title to be Decided) [Sci-Mance] Result

Current Awards:
Eyeliner in Black's sample received the's Editor's Choice Award in September, 2013, with TN's suggestion to complete and publish it in full.