About Us

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Welcome to the site for the Somewhat Secretive Society of Independent Authors (S³IA or "SEIA"). Most of this site is still under construction, but we're trying to update the content as quickly as we can while completing primary projects on time. Thank you for your patience.

Who We Are

SEIA is an invite-only conglomerate of writers, authors, coauthors, editors, cover artists, and publishers who are working in the shadows to produce professional-quality ebooks and sharing the profits accordingly. We operate very much like Booktrope, but we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts or have a waiting list. Also, the authors retain all author rights, with very few exceptions.

Outside parties who are interested in joining SEIA or would like more information are free to contact us, but should know that we are extremely picky about who we work with, how we do things, and what authors we allow to join and reserve the right to refuse any interested parties or entities for any reason.

Our Mission

We are not a publishing company. We are a multi-author "platform" and a collaborative effort to help authors efficiently release content quickly and professionally with as little red tape as possible while they continue to do what they do best:

The reason SEIA was created was almost completely based on the fact that most authors are introverts and want to do nothing than just write. This is normal and to be expected, so what we intend to create and develop is an author platform for multiple authors, no matter how shy, all under one flag. They don't usually want to have to search for editors, worry about fees, fight with auto-vetters or "meatgrinders", or hire a cover artist because that's really not part of the writing process.